BB Creams, here to stay or all hype?

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Posted: August 25, 2012

All across the Internet, BB creams are being buzzed about. Every blog and review site has an article about this new product.

So what is a BB cream?

BB stands for either Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beauty Balm, depending on the manufacturing company. The purpose of these hybrid product is to multitask for the consumer. The main ingredients are typically a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.

BB creams have been around since the 1960's when dermatologist Dr Chrisitne Schrammek developed the first BB cream for her patients to use to hide redness and protect their skin after laser resurfacing. Since then, BB creams have been used extensively by consumers in Asia, most notably Korea where additives for skin whitening are popular.

Since hitting the market in 2010, BB creams have been met with a lukewarm response until just recently. With more public awareness and different formulations of these hybrid creams, expect to see BB creams on more bathroom counter tops in the future.

There are many different versions so make sure that if you decide to try one of these new products, read the ingredients carefully. Many brands have a skin lightener or shimmer added which may cause irritation in some skin types. Apply only as directed and sparingly.

In our practice, we have Revisions Intellishade, a product which is a moisturizing sunscreen with added peptides. For many of our patients interested in a BB cream, Intellishade may be a good fit! Check out for details on Intellishade.

So, will you be trying a BB cream in the future?