Does your skin really need to breathe?

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Posted: October 24, 2012

We hear this every day in the office. A woman will come and in while reviewing her skin history, she will talk about breaks that she takes from products, make up or both to allow her skin to breathe.

So, do we really need to give our skin a chance to breathe?

For some people, the benefits of being able to go without make up are great. They feel that their skin stays clearer the less product that they have to apply.The biggest breakout culprits are oil, fragrances, allergens and preservatives. However, if make up is properly removed each evening, there should not be an issue with clogged pores and breakout. There is no need to allow the skin to breathe.

The top layer of skin is dead and does not require respiration. When people refer to allowing the skin to breathe, they are usually talking about not occluding the skin with heavy creams or lotions. The lower layers of skin are really the layers that we need to concentrate on feeding and nourishing with effective vitamins C and vitamin A

Do you take a break from products to allow your skin to breathe?