Elite Zinc Sunscreen

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Posted: August 2, 2012

For me, Elite Zinc Sunscreen is my broad spectrum sunscreen of choice. I have found that the mildness of this sunscreen is ideal for both acneic and rosacea skin types. 17% micronized zinc means that the coverage is both even and well absorbed by the skin. Along with being oil free and chemical free, this sunscreen has Vitamins A, C, E, Co Q-10 and green tea extract!

Post procedure,Elite 30 SPF  is the only sunscreen I use for our patients as it is appropriate and well tolerated in all patients whether it be a laser hair removal, resurfacing patient or microdermabrasion and chemical peels. For those who find the whitening effect of the zinc oxide to be a little off putting, I recommend the patient simply mix a small amount of their make up into the sunscreen before applying.

The pump delivery system is nice, and the bottle has lasted me about 3 months with daily application. This sunscreen also travels well and doesn’t leak or spil. I have no problem reapplying this sunscreen. On a personal note, I have used this sunscreen on both my husband and 7 year old for years, and they have both tolerated it well. I have recommended this sunscreen to patients who golf because after application, it does not leave their hands slick and greasy.

What ever sunscreen you choose, remember it is important to reapply and maintain protection even when the forecast is cloudy!


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