everything you have ever wanted to know about Botox

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Posted: October 16, 2012

Have you wondered about Botox, but were afraid to ask? We went through some of our most common patient questions and answered them for everyone!

- Does Botox prevent wrinkles? Yes! Botox slows the muscle contraction that causes fine lines to etch into the skin.
-Is Botox going to make me feel numb or look frozen? No, Botox does not interfere with the nerve endings that control sensation. Looking frozen can be a by product of too much Botox concentrated in one location. Dr Louton most often recommends softening the lines instead of freezing the area all together.
-Does Botox hurt?  Like any injection, there may be a slight discomfort at the injection site. discomfort can be minimized by icing the are before and after. We provide our patients cool packs to help with the sensations associated with discomfort.
-What is the best age to start Botox? You don't have to wait for the wrinkles to start to begin Botox treatments. Any age is fine to begin Botox, which is FDA approved for patients ages 18 to 65.

-How long does Botox last? Botox last anywhere from 3 to 4 months before the muscles regain motion.
-Will my friends know I had Botox? Yes and no. Your friends may notice if you look a little bit more refreshed. However, if your Botox was over done, they may notice you look shiny, tight and totally frozen.
-What can I expect the day after Botox treatment?- Not a whole lot. Botox takes several days to a week to take effect. The lines then will gradually decrease over the course of one to three months. Anyone preparing for a major event show have treatment at least 2 weeks in advance.


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