How much is too much? Part One- lip augmentation

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Posted: August 23, 2012

When you make the decision to have injectable fillers, presumably it is to address facial features that are inadequate or have changed over time. So how much filler is enough?  It depends.  Is the goal to reverse some of the signs of aging?  Or is the purpose to enhance a facial attribute such as lips or eyes?  Reversing the signs of aging tends toward larger volumes distributed over larger areas, while enhancement tends to focus the volume to a single feature.

We often address a single feature when we should be looking at the overall picture and asking ourselves what is the best way to improve the result.

The objective of filling a single facial attribute should be to enhance the feature not to change its anatomy.  What my filler patients fear most is over correction.   A fake look is rendered when the anatomy of the feature is not respected. 

A perfect example is the lips.
My goal is to define the philtrum first and then increase vermillion height.  I stop the injection before distorting the natural contour of the lips.   The patient should not look as though she just came out of the plastic surgeons office.  The lips should appear natural and youthful with a modest amount of definition and volume.  Attempts to upturn the lips greater than their anatomy allows often yields distortion and loss of delicacy of the bow or an unnatural projection of the lips (“duck lips”).

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