My Skin Profile- Elizabeth, 20 Something

Serving Hollidaysburg, State College, Johnstown, DuBois, and Nearby Pennsylvania

Posted: July 29, 2012

I joined the Skin Care Krew in 2010, after about 6 years of doing makeup, working for Lancome,

and managing the makeup store Ulta. I knew EVERYTHING about makeup: how to apply it, what colors looked good for what skin tone, etc, but I only knew the basics of skincare. In the makeup business, it didn’t matter how bad someone’s skin was - you could always cover imperfections!

Covering imperfections was something I was all too familiar with. Through junior high and high school, I suffered from horrible acne. When I started with the Skin Care Krew, the acne was gone, but I was left with pitting and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The pounds of makeup I wore for my previous job probably wasn’t helping my skin either! I had a consult and did a Visia analysis and tweaked my skincare regimen. I went from using Clean and Clear and rubbing alcohol on my face, to using the appropriate products, such as a daily sunscreen and nightly retinol. I also try to get monthly microdermabrasions/chemical peels as well.

In the two years I’ve been with the Krew, my skin has improved amazingly. I can now go to work or the mall with nothing but some tinted sunscreen on and feel confident about it!

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