My Skin Profile- Rebecca, 40 Something

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Posted: July 29, 2012

I joined the Skin Care Krew in 2008 and I felt my skin was in pretty good shape.  I was using a face wash and a moisturizer with SPF15, staying out of the direct sun and wearing a big hat while outdoors.  My skin looked good for 40 something, or at least I thought so. 

I realized I could be doing alot more for healthier skin.  After the Visia Complexion Analysis photo, I wanted to make personal changes to better my skin.  I learned about the wonderful affects of L-Ascrobic acid (vitamin C) and how it could help protect my skin from free radicals and promote collagen stimulation.  I also fell in love with a sunscreen which is a tinted moisturizer that contains peptides and a SPF45.  That's 3 products packaged in 1 advanced super product.

My skin has never looked better.  I am 40 something and I am not always wearing full face makeup.  There are other products I am using and would love to share with you very soon.


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