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Posted: August 7, 2012

La Roche Posay is our featured skin care line this month over at! To know why we are featuring such a great product line, we wanted to give all of our subscribers a bit of background on this line and explain why La Roche Posay is known for longevity in the skincare industry.

La Roche Posay is a small village in the heart of France that has a one of a kind, selenium rich spring flowing through it. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant with heavy duty healing properties. The people of the village have known for a very long time that their spring, and the Thermal Spring Water that bubbled up from it, was something special. In fact, The Thermal Center was established as a hospital for dermatological problems and healing and gained recognition from the French Medical Academy in 1865 for efficacy of Thermal Spring Water in treating skin conditions.


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On a side note, there are two stories circulating about the discovery of La Roche Posay spring. The first legend says that in the Middle Ages, a knight named Bertrand Du Geusclin stopped at the spring to water his horse. The horse, who suffered from eczema, took one drink of water and then leaped into the spring. When the horse emerged, his eczema was healed. The other story is that Napolean built a hospital to treat his soldiers coming back from war who had suffered skin injuries at the La Roche Posay spring in the 19th century.

Today, the same dermatological hospital treats roughly 7,500 patients annually for everything from rosacea to psoriasis. For those of us looking for the benefits of selenium and Thermal Spring Water a bit closer to home, Thermal Spring Water is used in each and every La Roche Posay product!

All this month, the Skin Care Krew will be reviewing our favorite products and passing on our recommendations. If there is a specific product you would like to know more about, you can always leave your request in the comments or email us directly!

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