Seasonal Skincare

Serving Altoona, State College, Johnstown, DuBois and Nearby Areas of Pennsylvania

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Fall is here and so is the need to switch up our skincare! 
We have pick up a couple of quick and easy tips, and want to make everyone's seasonal transition a bit easier this year!
-Use a humidifier. A humidifier in your home or apartment will keep the ambient humidity a bit higher which will help the feeling of dryness on the skin.
-Swith to lukewarm water when cleansing the skin. Hot water strips the skin of essential oils and over dryness may occur as a result.
-Consider going fragrance free. Fragrance and dye free skincare products will be less irritation than other products.
- Don't forget the SPF! Sun protection is essential 365 days a year, not just in the summer!