Summer Reset

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Posted: August 16, 2013

The summer is wrapping up, and with the end of our summer vacations and beach trips comes the realization that the sun has been very harsh on our skin.

The signs of solar damage include fine lines, brown spots and uneven texture.

Some of the first things that we try to repair here in the Skin Care Clinic are what is homecare. If you aren't feeding and nourishing and protecting your skin at home, treatments done in the office won't maintain or be as effective!

The basics of a skin care regimen are:

1. Exfoliation
2. Vitamin C
3. Vitamin A
4. Sunscreen

All of our patients upon coming in to the Skin Care Clinic are taught Skin Care 101 which includes these important ingredients of homecare. Along with this information, we can start in office treatments such as microdermabrasion, intense pulse light treatments or chemical peels.

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