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Posted: September 19, 2012

Recently, our Skin Care Kaptain was asked what a person in their 60's should do for more mature skin and the best place to start.

"When we reach our 60's, it becomes more difficult to "cream" away wrinkles but it's never too late to get serious about avoiding and correcting sun damage.  It's important that you discuss your goals face to face with a physician who is experienced in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.  I would recommend you seek out board certified plastic surgeons and/or board certified dermatologists in your area.  Make a few calls first to get a feel for the office and to determine whether the physician's practice is predominantly cosmetic or general.  Pick the cosmetic practice(s) of your choice and set up an appointment for an evaluation.  You should be able to discuss multiple options with the doctor during your visit.  And there is definitely more than one way to skin the cat, so don't be taken in by the "best and newest machine/procedure", you should be given a range of possible solutions with a range of costs.  This should give you a basic idea of where you may want to start"

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