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Things I didnt know

October 10, 2012
I don’t know about you, but I feel like every day I’m bombarded with TV and infomercials with new tips and techniques to make my skin look “flawless” or “perfect.”  Truth is, nothing in this world can make your skin look like the airbrushed supermodels in your monthly Cosmo.  And, like all of you, I am tired of companies trying to persuade me to purchase their very expensive products in order to attain this so-called “perfection.”  So here is a list of things that you’ve probably not heard that are relatively easy (and cheap) to do.  While they won’t make your skin perfect, they will definitely help to improve! 1.Even the cheapest lotion will work Afraid to use that… Read Full Post
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Featured Product Line- Skinceutical

October 03, 2012
October's featured product line is Skinceuticals! Since 2001, Dr Fanny has incorporated this product line into the care of our patients. Skinceuticals is truly a skincare line that has the science behind the products. Dr. Pinnell, Skinceutical's founding scientist has changed the face of antioxidant technology. Dr Pinnell now holds 10 patents for antioxidants and skin treatments! Most of these products only are effective because of the patents that he developed. Skinceuticals has products available for all skin types, and is committed to educating patients on the importance of antioxidants and skin protection. We will be reviewing many of our favorite products this month. What products… Read Full Post
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Breast Cancer Awareness

October 01, 2012
October brings apple cider, crisp weather and pink ribbons. Breast Cancer Awareness month begins today, and the Skin Care Krew is doing their part! This year, Blair Plastic Surgery is promoting BRA Day, the first annual event in the United States! BRA Day is Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, a day set aside to raise awareness at of all reconstruction options after surgical treatment for breast cancer. 7 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer are never told their full surgical reconstruction options, and may be left struggling to find clothes to fit, a sense of loss and inability to emotionally heal. Here in the office, The Admiral, Dr Robert Louton, will be giving a series of… Read Full Post

Skin Care Focus Group

September 27, 2012
We will be holding a Skin Care Focus Group in our State College office today! We have been preparing for several weeks for this event and are so excited! After a brief introduction of our practice and staff, we will be presenting two new cosmeceutical product lines, ReGenica and Revisions. ReGenica is a new brand containing growth factors and stem cell technology and we do not currently offer any of their products in our practice.  We do offer 2 products from Revisions; Teamine eye cream and Intellishade tinted sunscreen.  Revisions however, has a multitute of specialty products available which we have never tried; Nectifirm for the neck, Lumiquin for the hands, the Black Mask,… Read Full Post
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What about me?

September 19, 2012
Recently, our Skin Care Kaptain was asked what a person in their 60's should do for more mature skin and the best place to start. This was Dr Fanny's reponse: "When we reach our 60's, it becomes more difficult to "cream" away wrinkles but it's never too late to get serious about avoiding and correcting sun damage.  It's important that you discuss your goals face to face with a physician who is experienced in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.  I would recommend you seek out board certified plastic surgeons and/or board certified dermatologists in your area.  Make a few calls first to get a feel for the office and to determine whether the physician's… Read Full Post
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The History of Beauty

September 17, 2012
Ever wonder how women in the early centuries could have possibly survived without skincare or makeup? Well, they didn’t! Skin care and cosmetics date back to around 3000 BC, when the Chinese would create nail polish from gum arabic, egg whites, gelatin, and beeswax. In early 1500 BC, people would use sandpaper as an exfoliate and smooth texture, much like we use microdermabrasion machines today. Ancient Egyptians, such as Cleopatra, would soak in milk baths to soften their skin (due to the lactic acid), and used pumice stones and olive oil to exfoliate and moisturize. They also used crushed minerals, such as malachite, to create pigments for their eyes, lips, and cheeks, as well as used… Read Full Post
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Overnight Aging

September 14, 2012
The first signs of aging appeared overnight. "Right around the time of my birthday, if I recall correctly. First, I saw faint little lines coming from both of my eyes. I figured I had just slept funny on the pillow, and it would be gone by lunchtime. At lunchtime, I rechecked and the lines were still there. I panicked. Clearly, I am too young for crow's feet! Over the next few weeks, I started to notice more fine lines and that my skin was just looking over all dull. Then, a brown spot. Right on the side of my cheek! That's why I called and came right in. Please help!" I often hear these exact statements from our patients. The phenomenon of overnight aging is not limited to women either.… Read Full Post
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Skin Care by the numbers!

September 12, 2012
Via: Tanda Skincare
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