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Breast Surgery Altoona | Breast Surgeon State CollegeBreasts are one of the most defining features of a woman’s figure, and there is no doubt that the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts can influence how women feel about their bodies, and in turn, themselves. Dr. Robert Louton recognizes that breast surgery is a very personal decision. It can be both emotional and fulfilling for many women.

Whether you desire to improve the appearance of small or sagging breasts, correct asymmetry, or reduce the volume of large breasts, you can be certain that Blair Plastic Surgery is experienced and qualified to help. Breast surgery is one of our most popular types of surgery, and we have perfected the art of performing breast enlargement, breast reduction, and breast lifts over the course of many years. Dr. Louton has years of experience matching patients with successful, confidence-boosting breast surgery solutions, and he can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

To find out more about the many breast surgery options we offer, please call Blair Plastic Surgery today at (800) 833-3888.

Breast Enlargement to Enhance Breast Size

Using safe, FDA-approved breast implants, Dr. Louton can help you achieve the breast size you desire. Breast enlargement, also called breast augmentation, can enhance the look of your overall figure since your increased breast size can create a smaller waist appearance, too.

The Blair Plastic Surgery center offers different types of breast implants to choose from so you can get a result that suits your shape well.

Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Dr. Louton uses this procedure to naturally enhance breasts without the use of implants, as a breast reconstruction option, or to further enhance breast augmentation with breast implants for a more natural looking result. Fat is often harvested from the abdomen or buttocks which can further improve the patient's overall proportion and create a slimmer silouette as an added benefit.

Breast Reduction to Reduce Breast Size

Dr. Louton performs breast reduction procedures to help women with breasts that are too large deal with the sometimes embarrassing physical appearance as well as the back, shoulder, and neck problems that can result from this condition. Men who suffer from the condition of gynecomastia, or excess breast tissue, can also be helped by a breast reduction procedure.

Breast Lift to Improve Breast Shape

The breast lift procedure is a great choice for women who want to rejuvenate their breast appearance after the effects of aging or pregnancy have led to sagging. A breast lift can actually make your breasts appear fuller and may be used instead of or in combination with breast enlargement.

If you are in Central Pennsylvania in DuBois, Altoona, Bedford, State College, Lewistown, or Johnstown, Pennsylvania, please contact our Pennsylvania breast surgery office today by calling (800) 833-3888 or fill out our online form to set up a personal and confidential consultation with Dr. Louton.