How to Compare Plastic Surgery Providers

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You have decided to opt for plastic surgery to enhance your physical appearance. Now it is time for the challenging part — choosing a plastic surgery provider you can genuinely trust.

Many people struggle with this step because:

  • They are not fully committed to surgery in the first place
  • They make the mistake of choosing a surgeon without doing their homework or asking the right questions

You can avoid these pitfalls by using our handy summary of what to look for in a plastic surgeon and facility.

Getting Started

Make sure you are prepared when you visit each center or call up the practices. Remember that most plastic surgery practices charge a fee for the initial consultation, but it will not cost you any money to have a phone conversation with the staff.

You can also take trips to the centers you are interested in and have a look around, even without an appointment. The good news is the initial consultations do not require any obligation; they are purely to help you choose the right surgeon and procedure for your individual needs.


Ask your plastic surgeon to thoroughly detail his or her background, training, and special qualifications related to your procedure of choice. Ideally, you want to choose a plastic surgeon who either specializes in your procedure of choice or who has performed many of those procedures in the past.

Board Certification

It is of the utmost importance that you choose a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) as well as the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). This will ensure that your surgeon has undergone the most extensive training possible in the field and keeps up on the latest developments and advances in techniques and technology.

Experience and Safety

Ask each surgeon about his experience, not just in the general field of plastic surgery, but also with the specific treatment you are seeking. You have every right to ask the staff members about their backgrounds and experience as well. Your surgeon and his staff should also demonstrate a commitment to safety in all aspects of the procedure. It is important to ask potential surgeons about their safety record.


Ask each practice to give you specific details about their plastic surgery facility. Do they have an on-site surgical center? Is the facility accredited by one or more major accreditation organizations? You should also ask if the plastic surgeon has privileges at local hospitals in case of emergency, or in case you choose to have the procedure performed in a hospital setting.


Evaluate the level of professionalism exhibited by every member of the practice you meet. From the first phone call, your inquiries should be handled with a fair amount of respect, kindness, and directness. In general, a high level of professionalism speaks to the skills, experience, and quality of care that is provided.

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