Laser Tattoo Removal

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Do you have a tattoo that you no longer like? Does its placement limit your career options? It might be a symbol or word that is no longer significant, a negative reminder of a past event or it has simply  changed with age, weight gain, or weight loss.

Whatever your reasons, laser tattoo removal can lighten it and may even get rid of it completely with little or no scarring, depending on the tattoo color, location, and your skin. Learn more about this option at Blair Plastic Surgery by calling 800-833-3888 today.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultations Are Always Complimentary!

before laser tattoo removal at Blair Plastic SurgeryAlthough this page gives some basics on laser tattoo removal, there is so much variation in tattoos that the only way to get a good idea of how the procedure will work for you is to have it looked at by a laser tattoo removal expert.

A tattoo is made up of dark ink that has been inserted deep in the skin (in the layer called the dermis). after laser tattoo removal - 5 treatment sessions at Blair Plastic SurgeryWhile the outer layers of the skin are shed, this deeper layer remains, allowing the tattoo to remain in place.

In the past, tattoo removal was only possible by removing the skin itself, either by mechanically scraping it or surgically removing it, both of which related in significant scarring. Laser tattoo removal allows tattoos to be removed without the same level of damage to the skin and therefore without the same level of scarring.

Laser tattoo removal works by destroying the ink, and its components are then removed by the body. The ink is destroyed using a similar process to laser hair removal and laser vein removal. Light and therefore laser energy is absorbed more by darker colors than lighter ones, so when the laser shines on your skin, the tattoo ink absorbs more energy than the surrounding skin and is destroyed. The amount of energy absorbed depends on the light and the color of ink, as well, which means that removing multicolor tattoos depends on using multiple types of light.

Introducing the Spectra

We are happy to announce the addition of the Spectra to the laser treatment arsenal at our State College location. The Spectra is an advanced Q-switched laser that delivers two specific types of light that are effective at removing most types and colors of tattoos. The Spectra is also well-designed to deliver well-shaped pulses of laser light that are only ten billionths of a second long, long enough to target the tattoo ink, but short enough that damage to your skin is minimized.

tattoo before laser treatment | Blair Plastic Surgerytattoo after treatment with the Spectra laser in Altoona and State College, Pennsylvania

The laser also can be adjusted for smaller or larger tattoos to reduce the time required for each treatment, so that each treatment typically takes less than 20 minutes. Fading of the tattoo should be visible after the first treatment, but complete removal takes multiple treatments, generally not less than three and sometimes as many as 15. Some colors like yellow and white and types of ink do not respond well to treatment, and cannot be completely removed.

Learn More about Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have more questions about the technique of laser tattoo removal, then visit our questions about laser tattoo removal page. But if you want information about removing a specific tattoo, it is best to schedule a consultation so you can have your tattoo evaluated in person.

Please call 800-833-3888 or email Blair Plastic Surgery today to learn how quickly and effectively we can remove your tattoo with our new Spectra laser, available at our State College office.