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What is a Brachioplasty?

The upper arms are often one of the first areas to reveal signs of aging. As the skin loses elasticity and collagen, arm flab can develop that produces the dreaded jiggling motion during movement. The sagging of upper arm skin can make men and women self-conscious to the point where they feel embarrassed about revealing this area in public.

The arm lift procedure, also called a “brachioplasty,” helps create a more toned appearance by removing excess skin. Dr. Louton will talk with you about how he can improve your arm area and show you examples.

Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

You will be amazed at how this surgical improvement can greatly enhance your total body image and self-confidence. Best of all, the results of an arm lift can make you look and feel younger and provide long-lasting changes.

Am I A Candidate For A Brachioplasty?

If you would like to find out if you are an ideal arm lift candidate, please call Blair Plastic Surgery today at 800-833-3888 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Louton.

What Is The Procedure For Arm Lift Surgery?

Here are some brief details on what you can expect during the arm lift procedure:

  • First, you will meet with our experienced plastic surgeon to discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure. Dr. Louton will perform an examination and review your medical history. After a thorough analysis, he will help you decide if this surgery is your ideal option.
  • During your surgery day, Dr. Louton will again review the steps involved and remind you of your post-operative care plan. When it is time for the actual surgery, Dr. Louton will deliver a safe method of anesthesia. You will not feel anything during the procedure.
  • Dr. Louton will make small incisions around the elbow and armpit areas.
  • Next, Dr. Louton will reshape the upper arm area through gentle manipulation of the skin. Excess fat is removed, along with sagging skin.
  • The skin is distributed evenly around the arm and sutured at the incision sites.
  • During your recovery time, you will be expected to follow Dr. Louton’s recommendations for your post-operative activities. You can return to work and other activities at Dr. Louton’s discretion. During post-operative visits, our staff will examine you and evaluate your progress.

What Results Should I Expect After An Arm Lift?

After the healing process is complete, you will notice a smaller arm circumference. Sagging skin will be greatly reduced or, in some cases, completely eliminated. Your individual results will depend on factors such as age, skin tone, and elasticity.

Patient Testimonial for Blair Plastic Surgery

I had the best experience here. I felt so comfortable, the staff was incredible! I highly recommend it!

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