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  1. DO NOT sunburn or suntan the surgical area one month before procedure.
  2. Restrict arm activity; no arm movement above 45 degrees, ie., ironing for 2 weeks.
  3. No heavy lifting (such as a toddler or bag of groceries) for 2 weeks, ie., nothing over 10 pounds.
  4. Keep head of bed elevated for 3 days following surgery.
  5. You may have a drain in place following surgery. Empty the drains every four hours for the first 24 hours then twice a day while awake. Keep track of the drainage per side. Re-compress the bulb after opening.  Record measurements of drainage (right and left), date and time on drainage form.
  6. You may shower in forty-eight hours if you do not have a drain in place. If you have a drain you may not shower until the drain comes out.
  7. You may drive one week after your surgery.
  8. Please wear compression garment or postop bra for 4 weeks following surgery. 
  9. DO NOT remove tape, keep taped area dry.
  10. No exertion or lifting for 2 weeks.
  11. You may begin gentle walking 1 mile a day after 2 weeks.
  12. Return to normal activity in 3-4 weeks following surgery.
  13. You may exercise after 1 month.




  1. If an antibiotic is prescribed for you, make sure you take the medication exactly as ordered.  Take all the pills you are given.
  2. If a pain medication is prescribed for you, take the medication when needed every 3-4 hours for discomfort.



Watch closely for signs of infection

a.         If wound becomes red, swollen, tender or hot to touch.

b.         If red streaks are seen coming from the operative area.

c.         If you develop a fever.

d.         If the wound breaks open or begins draining.

e.         If there is a constant or increasing pain at wound site.


Please notify Dr. Louton for any problems day or night at (814) 949-7280.

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