Blair Plastic Surgery, The Offices of Dr. Robert Louton



  1. DO NOT sunburn or suntan the surgical area one month prior to procedure.
  2. Expect to have drainage from surgery sites 24-48 hours.
  3. Pad bed and furniture. Drainage will be pink tinged.  This does not represent bleeding but tumescent fluid mixed with body fluids.y
  4. Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed.
  5. Wear compression garment for 30 days at all times except when showering.  You may shower in 48 hours unless you have foam in place.  Please wait until foam is removed in 1 week post-operatively by the staff before showering.
  6. Surgical sites are closed with absorbable sutures that will not need to be removed.
  7. You may begin gentle walking immediately and increase activity as tolerated. 

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