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  1. Sun precautions are advised both before and after surgery to incision sites.
  2. Restrict arm activity after surgery; no arm movement above 45 degrees at the shoulders for 5 days.
  3. No heavy lifting (such as a toddler or bag of groceries) for 5 days, ie, nothing over 10 pounds.
  4. Apply gel pack above nipple line as per instructions.
  5. Keep head of bed elevated for 48 hours following surgery.
  6. Please bring your post-op bra with you on your day of surgery. This will look similar to a sports bra. You can purchase your bra at any local store; be sure that it does not have underwire and that it clasps in the front. Your post op bra should be worn 24 hours a day, other than when showering, for 30 days to keep tension off your breasts.
  7. You may drive 1 week after your surgery if not taking pain medication.
  8. You may have a drain in place following surgery. Empty the drains every four hours for the first 24 hours while awake then twice daily. Keep track of the drainage per side. Re-compress the bulb after opening.  Record measurements of drainage (right and left), date and time on drainage form.
  9. You may shower after your drains and white surgical tape are removed 2-5 days after surgery.  Additionally, you will have brown paper tape over your incision site. This tape is holding your suture in place, it will be removed at your two week follow up by your nurse.
  10. It is very important to keep your follow up appointments as scheduled.


Prophylactic Antibiotic Treatment

To prevent bacterial infection of your implant post-operatively, it is highly recommended that you have prophylactic antibiotic treatment prior to any tattooing, piercings, dental procedures, endoscopic sinus or invasive procedures. Please inform Dr. Louton of any procedures requiring treatment and script will be given for antibiotics.



  1. If an antibiotic is prescribed for you, make sure you take the medication exactly as ordered.  Take all the pills you are given.
  2. If a pain medication is prescribed for you, take the medication when needed every 4 hours for discomfort.


Watch closely for signs of infection

Please notify Dr. Louton for any problems day or night at (814) 949-7280.


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