Blair Plastic Surgery, The Offices of Dr. Robert Louton

      "No Show" and Cancellation Policy

Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient is prevented from receiving care.  As a busy medical practice, this policy enables us to accommodate patients in a timelier manner.


Blair Plastic Surgery reserves the right to charge a fee of $50.00 for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which are not cancelled with a 24-hour advance notice. 

  • The “no show” and cancellation penalty fee will be billed to the patient and must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment. 
  • Any future consultation appointments will require pre-payment at the time of scheduling. 
  • This fee is NOT covered by insurance and is not applicable if our office cancels or reschedules the appointment. 
  • We accept major credit cards over the phone.

Patients will receive telephone reminders of appointment dates/times one to two business days prior to the schedule appointment (unless the patient chooses not to be called). 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, as we strive to best serve the needs of all of our patients.

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