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FACELIFT (Rhytidectomy) – FACT SHEET



  1. DO NOT sunburn or suntan surgical area one month prior to procedure.
  2. Wash hair before surgery with antibacterial soap.
  3. Keep head elevated at all times.  Sleep in a recliner or with head elevated using 3-4 pillows.
  4. Your face will be taped for 7 days
  5. You will need to keep tape dry.  Sponge bathe or tub bathe.
  6. You will also have a facial sling from the top of your head and around your chin for one week.   Additionally, this facial sling should be worn at night for the remainder of 30 days.
  7. Take all medications as prescribed.
  8. No lifting or exertion for 2 weeks.
  9. You may begin gentle walking 1 mile a day after 2 weeks.
  10. No exercise for 1 month.
  11. You may develop bruising and swelling.  Elevation is best for this.
  13. Sutures in front of the ear will be removed at your 1 week follow up appointment. The remaining sutures and staples behind the ears will be removed at your 2 week follow up appointment. 

Signs of Infection

  1. If wound becomes red, swollen, tender or hot to touch.
  2. If red streaks are seen coming from the operative area.
  3. If you develop a fever
  4. If the wound breaks open or begin draining.
  5. If there is a constant or increasing pain at wound site.



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