Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is more than just a procedure that minimizes the size of breasts – the removal of excess breast tissue can help women escape from the physical limitations, pain, and soreness that large breasts often cause. If you have put up with back problems, shoulder tension from digging bra straps, unwanted stares in public, and other consequences of oversized breasts, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Louton can help.

The health and self-esteem effects of excessively large breasts can be unbearable at times, and many of our breast reduction patients have stated that this procedure dramatically changed their lives. Once breasts are reduced to a more proportional size, poor posture can be corrected, skin rashes may disappear, and painful bra strap grooves are eliminated. The body shape improvements and enhanced quality of life make this procedure a wise move for women who desire freedom from a heavy bust.

Dr. Louton can also perform breast reduction surgery on men who suffer from gynecomastia, or atypically large male breasts. If you are ready to eliminate the health issues associated with large breasts, please call Blair Plastic Surgery at 800-833-3888 today to get the process started.

Insurance May Help

Because a breast reduction procedure can have very positive effects on overall health, many insurance programs will cover part or all of the procedural fees. During your consultation, our financial coordinator will check with your insurance company to see if they cover breast reduction procedures. If it is not covered by your insurance, we offer affordable financing options to ensure that you can receive the treatment you need.

Elements of Breast Reduction Surgery

During your confidential first visit, Dr. Louton will review all of the steps involved in the procedure and answer your questions about breast reduction. A breast reduction is more than the removal of excess tissue and fat. The breast itself needs to be sculpted into a smaller shape, and this can only be done through incisions on the breast.

After the correct level of sedation is achieved, Dr. Louton repositions the nipple and gently reshapes the entire breast in a surgery that can take from one to three hours to complete. The result is a smaller breast size and a rejuvenated, firmer shape.

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Breast Reduction Recovery

Most breast reduction patients are able to return to work in about one to two weeks. Dr. Louton will remove the sutures within 10 days of surgery. Strenuous activity should be avoided for one month.

Patients can expect fading of scars to take anywhere from several months to one year. Smokers will be asked to stop smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery and at least one month after breast surgery.

If you live in Central Pennsylvania in the areas of Dubois, Altoona, Bedford, State College, Lewistown, or Johnstown, please call 800-833-3888 or contact Blair Plastic Surgery online today to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction.