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The use of nicotine products deprives healing tissue of much needed oxygen and blood flow with which to heal properly.  Nicotine is a drug that causes constriction of the blood vessels, especially the smaller ones leading to the skin.  If you inhale smoke, even second hand smoke, you obtain nicotine.  The use of pipes, cigars, snuff, dip, chew, nicotine patches, gum or candy will dose you with nicotine along with the inhalation of smoke from cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes and pipes poisons you with carbon monoxide, displacing the usable oxygen from your blood.

 The consequence from the voluntary action can result in worsening of scars, delaying of healing, the creation of ulcers, loss of tissue, and the necrosis of skin.

 If you smoke, you are intentionally increasing your risks for any and all of the above-mentioned complications.

  • Stop smoking – This also includes not using nicotine patches, lozenges, gum or any smoking cessation “aid” that contains nicotine, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, smokeless tobacco.
  • Two weeks after quitting smoking, have a urine nicotine test done.   This must be done AT LEAST two weeks prior to the procedure.  Therefore, you will need 1 full month once you quit smoking to have this process completed.
  • If after you have your nicotine level drawn and you have a positive result, your surgery may be postponed.



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