Improving your skin through diet

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Posted: August 19, 2012

I’m sure every one of us would LOVE to lose a few pounds...but did you know that by eating

healthier and dieting, you can actually improve your skin as well? And it isn’t what you
think..just as I do with my patients, I will reiterate again...chocolate and Mt. Dew do NOT causepimples! However, recently featured an article called “A Diet for Gorgeous Skin" informing readers what eat and what actually to avoid:

1. New research shows that potatoes, and white breads, pastas, and rice can trigger high insulin levels, causing unwanted breakouts! Instead, eat whole-grains,
like whole grain breads and whole wheat pastas.
What are the benefits for your health? Studies have shown a significant decrease

of strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer, and gum

disease! And on a personal note, whole wheat pasta reheats MUCH better than
white pasta, staying firm, and not getting mushy!

 2. Eating more seafood! Fish contains essential fatty acids Omega-3
and Omega-6, which help to decrease inflammation in the body. The less
inflammation, the fewer pimples! Inflammation is also a cause of premature
wrinkling. Salmon, mackerel and tuna are more recommended.

Now, if you’re anything like me and you HATE seafood, there are other
alternatives! Many nuts contain these fatty acids, such as almonds, hazelnuts,
eggs and flaxseeds. Throw some on your salad, or pack a baggie to snack on at
your desk.

What are the benefits to your health? The list is too long to type out!
Studies have shown that omega fatty acids can help prevent degenerative

diseases like heart disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s,
diabetes and more. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3’s are especially
beneficial to menopausal women in preserving heart, breast and bone health,
and even help keep for mood swings. I’ll have to make a mental note to stock our
office kitchen with some almonds...

3. Avoid foods that make you blush. Not every women has this problem, but

many do, especially as they age and blood vessels dilate more. Foods to avoid
are spicy foods, such as mexican or hot peppers, MSG, and alcohol. If you do
tend to get red easily and often, simply pay attention to what triggers it and cut
back. Cutting back on spicy foods can also prevent heartburn and acid reflux, and
avoiding or cutting back alcohol can reduce calorie intake, which is never a bad

4. Many women feel that if they cut out fat altogether, they are being healthy.

However, avoiding all fats can hinder more than help. Many women, especially
younger, become dry and flaky because they are not eating enough fat. Eating
fat in moderation can help to lubricate your skin, as well as absorb Vitamin A.
Deficiency of Vitamin A will cause premature aging, early fine lines, and uneven
texture. Avocados, nuts, olive oil, and egg whites are all full of good fats that can
help your skin, and not make you put on the pounds.
Your body also needs fats to survive. When one restricts too much fat
from her diet, she she is at risk for depression, increased cancer risk, overeating,
and unbalanced nutrients. Moderation is the key!

And to me, most importantly, DRINK WATER! Water flushes out impurities and

keeps your body and skin hydrated. It has also been proven that you can burn
200 calories a day, simply by drinking 6 glasses of ice cold water every day!

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