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My Skin Profile- Elizabeth, 20 Something

July 29, 2012
I joined the Skin Care Krew in 2010, after about 6 years of doing makeup, working for Lancome, and managing the makeup store Ulta. I knew EVERYTHING about makeup: how to apply it, what colors looked good for what skin tone, etc, but I only knew the basics of skincare. In the makeup business, it didn’t matter how bad someone’s skin was - you could always cover imperfections! Covering imperfections was something I was all too familiar with. Through junior high and high school, I suffered from horrible acne. When I started with the Skin Care Krew, the acne was gone, but I was left with pitting and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The pounds of makeup I wore for my previous job probably… Read Full Post
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Visia Skin Analysis

July 27, 2012
For our skin care patients, we begin with a Skin Care Analysis. The Skin Care Analysis is done in part by our Visia Imaging System by Canfield. We use the photos that are captured as a baseline snapshot of the skin's health, to identify any underlying problems and correctly identify the patient's needs. The initial photographs compare the patient to 100 other subject their same age, sex and skin type. Percentages are then assigned to different categories, such as Spots, Pores, Wrinkles and Brown Spots. We encourage our patient to take their analysis home and review it at their convenience. Follow up photos are then done at later visits. These follow up photos are compared against the… Read Full Post

Who We Are

July 27, 2012
The Skin Care Krew, as we know it today, has been in existence since 2010. To know how we got here, you have to understand where we have been, Our physician, Dr. Fanny Louton has been in practice since 1991 when she established Blair Plastic Surgery with her husband, Dr. Robert Louton. As the aesthetic surgical practice grew, Dr. Fanny realized that there was a need for medical skincare as an adjunct to surgery and opened the Centre for Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Center. Dr. Fanny committed to offering her patients one on one quality, individualized care. Frequent follow up and product and ingredient knowledge became just some of the qualities Dr Fanny became known for. In… Read Full Post

Testimonial 4

July 25, 2008
"I think that the care and services at the CSA were excellent. I don’t have any complaints and do not have any ideas about what would need improvement. The staff was very helpful."