Breast Enlargement Surgery Expectations

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Breast augmentation is a big step, but getting all the details beforehand can help make the experience less intimidating and confusing. At Blair Plastic Surgery, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Louton values patient education and works hard to make sure you are thoroughly informed about the details of your breast surgery. We find that when our patients are given specific, step-by-step descriptions of the process, it greatly reduces anxiety and builds confidence.

Remember that we will do our best to cover all of the bases, but we also rely on our patients to ask questions and share any concerns. The more information you can give us about yourself, your aesthetic goals and your expectations, the better prepared we are to help you get the very best results. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Louton, please call 800-833-3888 today.

Before Breast Enlargement Surgery

You will meet with Dr. Louton for a thorough examination and consultation. At this time, we will make specific procedural recommendations and help you decide whether or not breast enlargement is right for you.

At your consultation, Dr. Louton will go over all of your options, including:

During this first visit, Dr. Louton will also describe the process, including what to expect on surgery day and during the healing period.

The Day of Your Breast Enlargement Procedure

On your breast augmentation surgery day, you will need to bring a friend or family member to drive you home. Before you are sedated, Dr. Louton will again review the details of your surgery and make sure all of your questions are answered.

During the one-to-three hour surgery, the incisions are made in the chosen areas and the implant is inserted either under the muscle or above the muscle. The incision sites are closed with sutures and the area is bandaged.

After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Dr. Louton may prescribe antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and pain control medications to help with swelling and pain management. You will be given a pain pump for three days following your surgery to help relieve discomfort. In order to ensure proper healing, you will be asked to follow very specific post-operative instructions and will return to our office for bandage removal and progress evaluations.

Please contact our Blair Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 800-833-3888 today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Robert Louton. We serve patients in DuBois, Altoona, Bedford, State College, Lewistown, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania.