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A more aggressive approach may be needed to treat severely sun damaged and deeply wrinkled or scarred skin. Blair Plastic Surgery offers multiple options to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Some treatment may even be combined for the very best results.

Sciton Erbium Laser for Epidermal Resurfacing

Since 1990, Blair Plastic Surgery has achieved excellent and consistent results in the treatment of deep wrinkles and sun damage with an Erbium laser. The versatile Profile Contour Laser™ is an Erbium laser that enables Dr. Robert Louton to tailor laser resurfacing procedures to each individual patient.

Laser skin resurfacing is used in the traditional manner to ablatively remove the epidermis layer to smooth out medium to deep facial wrinkles. It also decreases hyperpigmentation, and removes superficial pre-cancerous lesion such as actinic keratosis while overall tightening the skin. It is the gold standard for ironing out perioral (around the mouth) wrinkles. Because this is an ablative laser, the procedure is performed under anesthesia and requires 7-10 days of downtime. Complete healing takes 6 weeks.

Sciton Erbium Microlaser Peel

The same laser as above is used but only a portion of the epidermis is removed. This allows for a much shorter downtime and more modest results are achieved. It is a good option softening of fine and superficial wrinkles and improvement in texture. It is an excellent addition to a targeted home regimen when faster results are desired.

Cynosure's ICON 1540nm Fractionated Laser

This non-ablative laser will reach the deep dermis and will stimulate remodeling of collagen and elastin on the face and neck. This procedure has minimal to no downtime and does not require any anesthesia. It does, however, require a series of treatments 1 to 2 months apart for best results. It not only tighten skin overall but can help soften acne scars as well.  

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Smoothing of fine lines
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Diminishing of pigmented lesions
  • Tightening of sagging skin

We can combine a fractionated laser treatment with an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment to help reduce superficial brown pigmentation and redness due to broken capillaries as well as create an overall tightening effect. This dual treatment is called the Icon SuperPhotofacial. A bit more downtime but well worth it!

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